May 9, 2018 – A Slow Start – H & K DO-nuts Review – Erie, PA

49401260_v1O0zSBwNMfx5q6oOZgbPqxATK5aWkWXMdjgq8hcHPkWelcome to a blog about donuts. Not sure how many donut blogs are out there but I’m pregnant and can’t have much fun but I can have donuts. Living in Erie, PA there are not an endless number of donut options, but surprisingly there are donuts I have not consumed despite living here on and off most of my life. Today I decided I’d take on a new donut shop head on – H & K DO Nuts on W. 8th street in Millcreek. I took a walk at the Presque Isle and was ravenously hungry – any small amount of physical activity at 5 months pregnant requires a full meal and nap afterward. I pulled up to the diner style H & K building. Annnnnd they had a colorful sign on the door that read, “Closed May 7 – 12.” Have you had H & K? What should I try when they open back up this May?

Check out their Facebook Page (that didn’t highlight special closing dates :/): H & K DO Nut Shop Facebook

And their homepage (also…no special closing details): H & K DO Nut Shop Homepage

IMG_0231Because there are no donuts to show…consume a pic from the tip of Presque Isle taken by *me* this morning.

999CC8CF-B2E7-4C9C-9856-C0BDBA8F8538Cute, sweet babies and a mad mama goose that hissed at me.

IMG_0237Sitting in front of Perry Monument, meditating on donuts. Unfortunately, I fell victim to the old proverb, “Some days you don’t get donuts.”


7 thoughts on “May 9, 2018 – A Slow Start – H & K DO-nuts Review – Erie, PA”

  1. Well my friend Dawn likes H & K the best but I will have to try them for myself. When. I have Friday off I’ll go! I think to really taste test we should get a simular donut at several places and compare at one time. I like Wegmans donunts 😀

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  2. Hi Marie 😊. I have had H & K Donuts. They are good! However I do not know if they can top Mighty Fine Donuts which are “ mighty fine “ when relishing them! When we lived in Pittsburgh they had a bakery called Princess Pastries ( no longer in existence! Hmmpf! Anyhow…… they had a donut eclair shaped with piped in rasppberry filling, with the top dipped in vanilla frosting then dipped in fresh soft coconut!!!!! They were to die for! When I think of donuts…. I think of those!!!! Enjoy your donut excursions!!!!!! I am sure your baby is going to love this!!!! 😊🍩🥤🎀

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  3. We are long time loyal fans to H&K…we go almost every Saturday. I’m pretty bland and like to get plain donuts (or the occasional lemon donut). The boyos love their chocolate/chocolate ones and Logan is a big fan of the maple iced. We all enjoy the “infinity” donuts (glazed twist) and I think they have the best donut holes in the city.

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    1. I can’t wait to get them! I do love glazed donuts. Never can go wrong. If you want to subscribe to this there is a follow button in the bottom right corner – I can’t see the button but that’s what I am told from WordPress support.


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